Creative Infrastructure Initiative

In January 2015, we began a series of Creative Sector Summits to discuss challenges facing cultural industries in Austin. With over one hundred organizations and leaders from music, performing arts, film, visual arts, design and media participating in the process, the summits identified the most urgent shared issue as a crisis in creative infrastructure. Not only do we lack enough creative workspace to meet current demand, across the board, successful organizations with strong audiences and long histories of contributing to Austin's economic and cultural life face displacement solely because they cannot increase revenue quickly enough to keep pace with a booming real estate market.

The good news is that as we studied other cities who managed to actually strengthen their cultural identities amid rapid population growth, we realized that Austin’s boom can power solutions if the community strategically invests in creative infrastructure.
Now with a generous gift of $100,000 from Roy Mullin, ACA embarks on a direct effort to fund research, grants and planning staff to pursue three related efforts to show our community how it can invest:

• Advance a civic consensus at City Hall and within the Austin community to implement planning, code and development policies that enable preservation of existing creative infrastructure and offer benefits, cheap capital and incentives for new creative infrastructure.

• Connect developers, tech companies, neighborhood groups and arts groups by effectively illustrating the shared economic, social and cultural benefits of incorporating creative infrastructure into future plans and new developments all over town.

• Advocate for a 2018 Bond Election to fund community investment in creative infrastructure projects that will spur cultural tourism and increase artists incomes, such as: an eastside theatre/gallery district, Austin Creative Trust land bank, mid-size concert hall, arts education facilities in every district and additional cultural tourism attractions along Red River and Waller Creek.
With this initiative ACA commits to an energetic and sustained effort to unite the entire community in preserving and enhancing the vibrant, innovative, diverse culture that attracted the world to Austin.

ACA is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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